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Reviews near Melrose, MA

4.69 of 5 average rating (4403 reviews)

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“They two people that came did a great job. They were so polite, pleasant and hardworking. The car looked brand new when they were done. I will be contacting car detailing again soon!”
Julie from Milton, MA
Tue Jun 28, 2016
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“They did an excellent job on my car. The price was just right for my budget. Thank you for such outstanding service. ”
Anne from Plymouth, MA
SILVER Detailing Package for 2004 Chevrolet Impala
Mon Jun 27, 2016
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“Very nice job but it was two hours late”
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“Convenience was great but there was still vomit on the seatbelt and rear window. For $160 you expect to see no vomit anywhere.”
Miranda from Kingston, MA
Vomit Remediation
Sat Jun 25, 2016
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“The steam cleaning was amazing! The car looks and smells new (not like any kind of synthetic cleaning agent). The guys were friendly and prompt. The text and email updates were helpful and unobtrusive. ”
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“Very happy with the detailing results on my Subaru. However I was to receive a 20% discount which was not applied. This car was scheduled to be detailed the previous Friday only to find out at noon that day that they could not make it. Since I am a commuter this was very inconvenient. Thus the 20% discount. I would also add I was not as happy with the results on my F150 which was done this past Monday. I do not believe the used the clay bar as the surface was very gritty upon completion. I even picked off small specks with my finger nail. This would not be the case if it was claybared. I am anticipating the 20% discount to be applied. And a response to the clay bar issue. ”
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“Job well done”
Nancy from Billerica, MA
Tue Jun 21, 2016
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Carolyn from Needham, MA
Mon Jun 20, 2016
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“My understanding is that clay bar treatment should remove all contaminants so surface is smooth prior to being waxed. My truck is not close to smooth, like sand paper is some areas. I can pick residue of some sort off the paint with my fingernail. Please advise, Thanks”

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