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Reviews near Hawthorne, CA

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Jessica from Whittier, CA
Wed Aug 19, 2015
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“Customer was very unhappy with the results. She said she had to spend another 45 minutes cleaning up the dryed wax that was still on the car!”
Rick from Van Nuys, CA
Tue Aug 18, 2015
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“My only reason for getting an inside detail performed was to remove stains from my seats.....mainly food spills from Grandkids. Using only the steamer did not do the trick.The only compartments cleaned were the doors....No glovebox,center console...ect.There was a lot of dirt trapped in the fold of my back seats, I had to point this out to them. They never lowered them while vacuuming. Overall my car doesn't look much cleaner than when they started! The employees were nice and polite. Very fast... maybe a little to fast!”
Barbara from North Hills, CA
Mon Aug 17, 2015
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“Optimal service. Ive never seen my car shine so nice!!!”
Josh from Port Hueneme, CA
Sun Aug 16, 2015
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“Happy with the service.”
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Katherine from Oxnard, CA
Tue Aug 11, 2015
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“ The car looks beautiful and it was "kid dirty". The guy was very helpful, honest, and polite.”
Kristi from Duarte, CA
Mon Aug 10, 2015
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“I am very happy with the work on my cars. They did a very thorough, expert job and really made the cars look great. I will be using then again for sure. ”
Diane from Ventura, CA
SILVER Detailing Package for 2013 Toyota Sienna
SILVER Detailing Package for 2010 Toyota Corolla
Sat Aug 8, 2015
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“Very professional, friendly, right on time.”

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