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Reviews near Columbus, OH

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“he was very detailed very professional did a great job”
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“Got interior & Exterior detail. Team did a good job overall; however, my windshield (in & out) needed further cleaning. Also my rear view mirror was missed.”
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Summer from Grove City, OH
Custom Service
Fri Aug 7, 2015
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“Beautiful work! I will be using this company again.”
Susan from Delaware, OH
SILVER Detailing Package for 2013 Toyota Avalon
Thu Aug 6, 2015
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“Interior could not have been done better, excellent job. Exterior was at best below average. Wax left on car, windows not clean and dirt still on car. Probably will not use service again. ”
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“You should confirm the appointment the day before and if you get confirmation keep the appointment. My service was late because he couldn't reach me. I was working an unavailable by phone, but my car was available for the appointment. Finely I was able to call him back and confirm. Today it was not a problem but it could have been as I allowed only 4 hours for the appointment and because he was 2 hours behind I could have not been able to get the service today. He did a good job and I rounded the cost up by $11.00 tip for him.”
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“He did an excellent job!”
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“He did a great job. Loved it”
Tracy from Dublin, OH
Wed Jul 22, 2015

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