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Reviews near San Diego, CA

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“Missed quite a few spots on washing/cleaning exterior and vacuuming interior ”
Tom from Poway, CA
Thu Jun 13, 2024
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“There is streaks on my windshield. My radio stopped working from what was sprayed on it. That needed to be reset which shouldn't have happened. I paid for a shampoo but the light stains are still there. I don't know if it was shampooed. Definitely won't be coming back and won't recommend to anyone. Not worth $310... outrageous!!!!”
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Jeffery from Lemon Grove, CA
Thu May 23, 2024
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Michael from Carlsbad, CA
Wed May 22, 2024
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“I would not refer to this as a “detail” service more of an overpriced mobile car wash. My car is definitely not detailed. It doesn’t even smell as if it had been cleaned on the inside. Certainly no shampoo. My leather seats were wiped off and vacuumed there was no steaming of them done because the guy specifically indicated that is with a “different” type of service despite it being listed in the package I purchased. Only the drivers side of my car gets used so it was in the most need. Zero vacuuming under the seats. There is still visible dust in many areas. It took so long because it was one person who appeared to not have the proper equipment to complete the job. Door jams were not done, neither were all of the vents. I drive a sports car the seats are red leather and have very intricate detail that needs to be focused on. That didn’t happen. I’m more than positive he has not idea how to clean them, typically this is done with pressured air not a toothbrush and water. These are leather seats. Worst money decision I have made in 2024, going with this service. I hope you all are on yelp because I am posting this review on there too. Will NEVER use this overpriced service again. I could go down the street to the regular car wash where 5 people get my car way more “detailed” than this in less than 30 minutes. 0/10 will not recommend. ”
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Jess from San Diego, CA
Wed May 15, 2024

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