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Reviews near Douglasville, GA

4.62 of 5 average rating (328 reviews)

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Laura from Newnan, GA
Thu Apr 18, 2024
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Tamalika from Atlanta, GA
Trash Can Cleaning
Thu Apr 18, 2024
2.5 of 5
“Missed several areas. Still have bird poop on back window and truck bed. Missed areas around center console. Truck bed was never touched. ”
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“My car is so clean! It was convenient and I appreciate the effort that was put into the service! ”
Brenna from Marietta, GA
Super Interior
Mon Apr 8, 2024
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“Technician was 2 hours late and did a very subpar job. Upon first inspection there were obvious areas of the car that weren't even touched, still bugs on the front bumper (not one or two, but all of them), there was mud and junk all along the side rails, the door jambs were filthy, and that's just the outside. Same on the inside. Several areas there were obviously skipped: cupholders untouched, center console still dusty, rear armrest was never lowered to be cleaned, the trunk still had grass in it because was not vacuumed, neither were the seams on any of the seats. There's more but I think you get the idea. He decided to come back "first thing tomorrow morning at 9am" and I agreed that was ok but it had to be first thing in the morning because I had to go to work. No call, no show. At 9:33 I got an email that I should expect a 9:30 arrival (what?!) and a voicemail from the tech. There was so much work to be done that I didn't have time for him to start on it. The job remains unfinished and I would like someone to contact me about sending someone to complete the project so I can pay you.”
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“Very good job Thank you”
Darlene from Winder, GA
Fri Apr 5, 2024
4.5 of 5
“Very professional ”
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“The driver’s side carpet is very dirty. It looks clean until you remove the car mats. It looks like it may have been cleaned around the mats and not under. Looks like the mat was not moved. I moved it and it’s nasty. I wasn’t home to inspect it on Sunday but noticed it yesterday. I even took pictures. The carpet behind the driver’s side also looks poorly in one spot. ”
JACQUELINE from Covington, GA
Tue Apr 2, 2024

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