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Reviews near Corona, CA

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“I really did not want to leave a poor review however; the more that I look at the job the technician performed the more disappointed I am and felt the need to write the review. First I'd like to say the technician responded right away, he came out on 4th of July weekend. We all know how hard it is to get someone to work on a holiday weekend, so I was very appreciative of that. I paid for the RV Exterior Titanium Package, which was expensive but I wanted to have it done right and I knew that it would I booked it. First off the technician did not do the wash that I thought that he would. There was no water hose, no foam cannon nothing. He washed my rig out of a 2 gallon bucket with a dirty rag. Though I'm not a professional detailer I've been detailing my cars for years, paint correction and all so I am very familiar with the process. The detailer did not seem to know how to use a buffer. He finally go tired of trying to use it and put down and tried to hand polish the coach with a buffing But not before he burned a section of the rubber around my front windshield, burned a corner and scratched one of my windows. I know that I was not going to be satisfied when he wouldn't even extend his ladder high enough to clean the top of the front or rear cap. When I questioned him he literally said "oh way up there, that's the hard part, how did you see that?" My response was that I walked by my upstairs window and saw it. Even after the conversation he still didn't clean them. I was tired of pointing out issues and was going to cut my loses because clearly this level of work was beyond his skillset. With good intention he attempted to put some type of coating on the coach, it didn't look bad at first but when it dried, it was a swirled uneven sticky mess, just horrible. I called him back out to correct his work, trying to give him a chance to redeem himself and the results were the same. He did manage to take off whatever coating that he applied. It was a horrible job start to finish. I came on the site to leave a review and saw that pics of the coach were posted, very misleading. From the images online the coach looks ok but up close its a poor job. I could go on and on about the lack of attention to detail, the quality of service, the burn marks from the buffer on a couple corners so on and so on. Overall I am extremely disappointed with the service. It makes me question are they vetting the technicians or just collecting percentages of the jobs. Has anyone else ever experienced this level of incompetence or was it just me? ”
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“My tech. Was very thorough and honest. He did an amazing job. Thank you ”
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“Excellent work…above reproach…highly recommend Francisco and Chico.”
Darcy from Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Tue Jun 27, 2023
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“I gave the person a $25.00 tip. Aside from the $175 charge for just the inside. As far as windows would it not make sense if you do the inside you do the outside? I will never use your service again,”
Barbara from Palm Desert, CA
Wed Jun 21, 2023
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“Thanks buddy!”
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“It's a good service but needs to be improved , the traces of tape on the glass are still there and some places are still not cleaned thoroughly”
Wendy from Fontana, CA
BUDGET Wash for 2005 Mercedes-Benz ML500
Fri Jun 16, 2023

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