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Reviews near Aurora, CO

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“Looks great. Unable to determine if a clay bar was used. I watched off and on but could have missed the clay bar, I did try to go for a look once or twice a hour. I asked the technician but his English was very poor and his understanding of English was poor. He couldn’t or wouldn’t give me an answer.”
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“Tech did a great job! Docked one point due to multiple reschedules. ”
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“Louis did an incredible job. I have four dogs and they left a bunch of hair for him to deal with. He did a marvelous job.”
Theodore from Aurora, CO
Tue Jul 9, 2024
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“Luis (both of them) did a great job. Was expensive, but the work they did was top notch. I gave them a tip when I wrote the check to pay for the service. ”
Robert from Monument, CO
Mon Jul 8, 2024
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“There was *way* too much treatment on the Weathertech mats and brake/accelatror pedal making them dangerously slippery. Other than that I am pleased.”
Bruce from Longmont, CO
Sat Jul 6, 2024
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“At first glance the car looked clean but I had to wipe down interior again after the detailer left. Stains on the right back seats were made worse in some spots due to water pooling. In the few days after our service, the car has started to smell like mold. ”
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Keegan from Denver, CO
Tue Jul 2, 2024
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“Very well done”
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“Kind and very detailed with his work! Thank you.”
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“So great and detail oriented and friendly ”
Lindsey from Wheat Ridge, CO
Thu Jun 27, 2024

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